Hi! This is one of my first fanfics so I hope you like it!
Rating - PG
Word count - 935
Genre - romance

            L flipped up the computer screen, eyes slitting against the sudden light in the dim room. The live video was already up and displayed the police conference room. He was an entire ocean away from Los Angeles and the serial killer on the loose there. And also from the weary detectives that were filing in now. Most dropped immediately into their seats, further crumpling their wrinkled uniforms. But the chief and one other remained standing. Unusual, L thought. L looked at the time impatiently, the time that the chief of the Los Angeles police was now wasting. L was just here for and update on information nothing more, and he wished they would just begin. He hated working with people. 

            “L, are you there?” the chief asked looking towards the laptop with the tiny camera fixed on top. L examined the chief’s drawn face. It looked as though he had been sleeping about as consistently as the rest of the police force. 

            “Yes I’m here,” L said into his microphone. His voice would pass through a filter and come out of the other laptop distorted. 

            “The FBI has decided to join this investigation for the convenience of sharing information. This is Naomi Misora, the one who has been heading the FBI branch to find the serial murder case. She will be coming to all of these meetings to contribute her theories,” the police chief said, and with that he took his seat gesturing towards the empty seat beside him which Naomi took.  

L then tuned his attention to the woman who was joining his investigation. She looked every bit as tired as the police force, but then this case was wearing on everyone. Even I’m tired, L realized with a start. But her exhaustion was different then the others, her back still straight, her shoulders thrown back. She wore jeans too tight to be creased and leather boots. Her black hair fell just below her shoulders and framed her pale face. Her mouth had a determined set, and her dark eyes were unwavering. She’s beati L thought before he caught himself. It didn’t matter if she was pretty. 

Then the meeting began. L forced himself to pay attention, but the number of new clues was surprisingly low. There had been another death last night but that was no big surprise. There hadn’t been any message with the body but that wasn’t surprising either; the killer only left a message around every three deaths. Then the meeting ended and all the detectives filed out of the room. What a waste of time, L thought to himself. 

But one detective didn’t leave. Naomi stayed behind and after everyone had left she got up and pulled her chair up to the table with the laptop sitting on it. L now got a close up of the woman he had so carefully ignored throughout the meeting. 

“I don’t have an office so I’ll be working here. I hope you don’t mind,” Naomi said in a voice that was low and almost musical. L realized he hadn’t heard her voice before, that she had been just as silent as he throughout the meeting. 

“Of course not,” L replied. 

“Well the meeting didn’t turn up anything new at all. No note, no physical evidence, and the method of killing was typical for this case,” Naomi said. L was slightly surprised, he hadn’t expected her to continue the conversation. But h admitted it was logical for them to share theories not just clues and he had been thinking the same. 

“Yes, nothing new,” L said almost regretful. He simply was too logical, too disconnected from others, to not wish in a way that tonight there would be another death, this body left with a note. It was merely his knowledge that this was wrong that prevented him from truly desiring it. L noticed with interest that Naomi was moving in his computer screen. She fished out a battered folder from her bag. L saw that the inside of her bag was immaculately organized. The poor condition of the folder definitely was not from disorganization. He thought of how many times she must have opened it for her fingers to wear down the edged of the folder. 

And indeed before him he saw a type of ritual unfold. She took out each picture of the body and lined them up in chronological order, placing first the criminals’ note, than the evidence found, then the personal information of each victim. When this was there Naomi sat there looking intently at the evidence, going over it again and again. 

L himself tried to turn his attention back to the case, but his eyes kept straying back to the other window opened on his computer where Naomi sat completely engrossed in her work. He was fascinated by her single-minded focus, and how she was so still making only the tiniest unconscious movements. L watched as a bit of unruly hair fall across hr ace and how her fingers gently brushed it behind her ears. I wonder what it would feel like, he thought before immediately backpedaling. It didn’t matter how beautiful L secretly thought she was. She was just as forbidden as any other girl. The greatest detective in the world could not afford a weakness, never would be able to. L knew all of this yet he kept the screen showing the conference room up until late into the night. He watched as Naomi drifted off on her desk. And then L to stretched out on the floor and fell asleep watching his computer. 



Sorry i don't know how to hide the story under a link. If any of you can tell me I'd be glad to change it. 
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L Fanart

This club looked so intriguing and I just have this love for L so I joined in 8D Just need to build up on the members. BUT HOLY CRAP I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE X( I'm a super huge Deathnote fanatic as well as a great admirer of Obata Takeshi's art. But anyway, I have a crappy peice of L fanart I'd like to share with you :D

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Welcome to Those_Toes!

Alrighty, then, first entry.

This is a fanbase run by a foams-at-the-mouth fangirl. She adores L and all his amazingness. And so one day, she decided, "Hey, I'm going to make an L fan-base!" 

And thus, those_toes was formed, breaking the grounds for yet another unneeded Deathnote fan-runned community!

=> As for the rules and regulations, there is absolutely NO discrimination. That means if someone likes a specific pairing, there will be no one that freaks out and flames them. People that do that will immediately be banned from this site. 

=> Fan art and Fan Fictions will be kept under LJ cuts, previews are allowed but keep them small and spoiler-free. Then please rate them from PG to R so that people will not get offended. If the fanart is above R, then please make it a link to a different site. 

=> Be sure that if you post fan art and it is not your own, credit the site. That goes for icons as well.  


Now that that's out of the way, here comes the fun! :D 

Once we get enough members, we will be holding contests. If you have any ideas, do tell. 


So that everyone up to speed, here is a link to download all of the chapters of Deathnote:

And as for the movie, here is the official Warner Bros. website:

And the longest trailer found online for the movie:

Now that the base is set, let's role this out into a fun community, ne? 

P.S. Don't forget to spread the word!

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